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Martin Doyle  Titled Sports Physiotherapist. Olympian - Seoul 1988.

First Class Facilities  Private rooms * Patient gym *  Free Parking * HICAPS


Experience. Expertise. Value.

Whether an elite athlete, weekend warrior or you were simply just trying to get fit and have injured yourself, Doyle's Sports Physios are amongst Sydney's best. With strong skills in treating sports injuries and active sports people themselves our Sports Physios will get you back to health and back into the game. Sports injuries can include new and acute injuries, chronic and on-going issues or a niggling discomfort that won't go away.

Director, Martin Doyle as an ex-Olympian and having competed internationally in judo and wrestling, has a deep understanding of sports injuries, how to treat them and the need to get you back to sport in optimal health.

Doyle's facilities are 1st Class, with private treatment rooms, a large patient gymnasium, free on-site patient parking & HICAPS for immediate health fund claims.

Elite Athlete ? Weekend Warrior ? Get back into the game today !   To make an appointment call 02 9692 9399 or email.

Our Commitment to You

Effective treatment that 
relieves pain 

Accurate diagnosis 

Hands on, 1-on-1 treatment

First class facilities