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Biothermored Moist Heat Pad

UC660, Small Biothermored Heat Pad : Neck, Hand, Feet Pain Relief

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Exclusive to Doyle's Physiotherapy

38cm x 18cm

Perfect for: Neck, Hand & Foot Pain Relief

A small rectangle heat pad designed to effectively deliver soothing moist heat to smaller areas, such as your hands or to mould to the back of the neck.

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✓ No-fuss returns

✓ Money-back guarantee



  • Deep pain relief

  • Fast, effective moist heat therapy

  • Small size good for smaller body areas

  • The shape allows mould around the back of the neck 

  • Simple - no boiling water or microwaves

  • Safe - no danger of burning with water

  • No water needed - creates own moisture

  • Easy, accurate temperature/time control 

  • Constant temperature - no cooling down 

  • Easy to transport - take to work or away


  • Coral sand & infrared ray technology

  • Handheld digital control unit

  • Therapeutic temperatures (45°C - 75°C)

  • Automatic timer (1 - 60 minutes)

  • Safety feature - Automatic shut off 

  • Safety feature - Lock function

  • Washable outer cover 

  • 1 Year Australian Warranty

Approved Australian Therapeutic Goods

Medical Device Class IIa (ARTG No: 228316)