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Biothermored Moist Heat Pad
Heat Therapy - Treating Pain & Injury

Heat Therapy - Treating Pain & Injury

Heat therapy includes a range of applications of heat from hot baths and Jacuzzis to use of hot water bottles, heating pads, and hot herbal pouches to stimulate blood circulation, ease strained muscles, soothe pains and provide temporary relief. However, sustained application of heat is known to rid many conditions within days and weeks.

Heat for Lower Back Pain
Heat therapy can provide much relief for lower back pain, as follows:
• It dilates blood vessels of muscles around the spine, increasing oxygen and nutrients to muscles.
• It stimulates sensory receptors in the skin decreasing transmissions of pain signals to the brain.
• It facilitates stretching of soft tissues around the spine, thereby reducing stiffness and flexibility.

Heat Therapy for Arthritis
Some doctors recommend heat as well as cold pack application for reducing inflammation and stiffness related to arthritis. One can discover which suits better by trial and error. If heat packs work well, one must chose a temperature that one is most comfortable with to gain maximum pain relief. You can use either dry heat (with heating pads or lamps) or moist heat (warm baths or applying cloths immersed in hot water).

Avoid Heat for Injury
Heat application is mainly intended for relieving pain, strains and spasms but never apply heat in any form to a fresh injury, as it will only aggravate the wound. Ice-packs are the right application for injuries.
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