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Biothermored Moist Heat Pad

Biothermored Heating Pad Benefits & Features


Biothermored Heating Pads provide soothing moist heat, combined with healing infrared to relieve and manage your pain. Moist heat penetrates muscles and joints deeper than dry heat, dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow and improving circulation.  Fresh blood cells are carried to treated areas and toxins removed, providing you with relief from aches and pain.     

Biothermored Benefits 

  1. Fast, effective moist heat, with healing far infrared.
  2. Easy, accurate temperature & time control. 
  3. Simplicity, just plug in & set. 
  4. No cooling heat pads or wheat packs, just constant, soothing heat. 
  5. No water to add - Biothemored draws moisture from the air.
  6. Safe - no boiling water or burning wheat packs.  Inbuilt safety lock. 
  7. Easy to use anywhere !

Biothermored Features

  • Hand held digital control unit
  • Therapeutic temperatures (45°C - 75°C)
  • Automatic timer (1 - 60 minutes)
  • Safety feature - Automatic shut off 
  • Safety feature - Lock function
  • Washable outer cover
  •  1 Year Australian Warranty
Approved Australian Medical Device

Therapeutic Goods Admin. ARTG 228316