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Biothermored Moist Heat Pad

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief


One of the most effective strategies for soothing fibromyalgia pain is also the simplest: apply heat. Heat relieves pain as it dilates blood vessels of the muscles, boosting flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. By stimulating sensory receptors in the skin, it also reduces pain signals to the brain. For people who experience aches and pain from fibromyalgia, moist heat in particular penetrates more deeply into sore muscles. A  Moist Heating Pad is a great place to start if you are suffering fibromyalgia pain. Biothermored Moist Heating Pads are: 

  • Used by Australian Physiotherapists & in leading Aged Care Homes
  • Registered TGA medical product 
  • NDIS approved provider

Fibromyalgia reviews for Biothermored (Trustpilot)

"Finding it very beneficial ... I have fibromyalgia and have overall pain. I chose the extra large one so it would do my whole back... I am very happy with my purchase and have recommended it to my massage therapist and others." (D. Kelsey)

"Would recommend... Has genuinely made a reduction in the pain I experience on a daily basis." (Isabelle)