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Biothermored Moist Heat Pad

Exercise Therapy

At Doyle’s Physiotherapy we are firm believers exercise is the key to your well being.

Through our tailored exercise programs, we delight in seeing clients young and old regain and exceed fitness levels. In our large on-site gym, under the safety and expert guidance of a Sports Physiotherapist we will get you fitter perhaps than you’ve ever been - regardless of age.

Enhance your quality of life and well being with our Exercise Programs

  • Reduce body weight and body fat
  • Develop strong bones, muscles and joints
  • Enjoy the psychological benefits exercise brings
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes
  • Delay the ageing process (some of our fittest clients are over 60!)

Doyle’s commitment to you

  • We will provide immediate treatment, to relieve your pain & discomfort
  • We will diagnose the exact cause of your condition
  • We will advise you on future injury prevention techniques & exercises
  • Your appointment will be a 100% "hands on", one on one, personal treatment

No referral is needed to consult a physiotherapist regarding exercise therapy.  

Exercise Therapy fees may be claimed against your health fund.

Make a booking today by filling in our booking form or calling 02 9692 9399