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Biothermored Moist Heat Pad

Drug Free Pain Relief



Biothermored Heat Pads provide moist heat that penetrates deep into muscles for pain relief without medication, helping people manage their pain naturally.  

Biothermored Moist Heat Pads are unique in Australia, with deep penetrating heat combined with healing infrared.

  • Used by Australian Physiotherapists 
  • Registered TGA medical product 
  • NDIS approved 

What People say about Biothermored (Trustpilot Reviews)

"The Biothermored is amazing for drug free chronic pain relief. Heats up fast and has higher heat output than commercially available dry heat pads. I would recommend without reservations." (Erica)

"My Biothermored arrived in the mail last week. I got the one shaped for your neck and shoulders. i could not be happier with the quality and easy to read instructions. It is simple to use and very soothing. It relieves tension in my shoulder muscles at the end of a long day and since using it I have found I do not need to take any regular pain relief in the evening.  Thank you for providing such an amazing device." (Tara Webb)

"Bought one a while back but my grandpa (who was initially sceptical) grew such a fondness for it that he took it home! Physio exercises are definitely the long term fix, but if stress or long work days mean I need something extra, this is excellent. Also means I barely use painkillers. Also has been great over cold winter days... I need my heater way less when studying!" (Jessica Avalon)