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Biothermored Moist Heat Pad

Heating Pad for Arthritis Pain Relief


Heating pad arthritis pain


Relieve Arthritis Pain Today with Biothermored Moist Heat Pad

Arthritis pain is no fun and  effects daily life.   Heat is one of the simplest, most effective ways to relieve arthritic pain - without  medication.   

Heat gently soothes arthritic joints, with moist heat providing most pain relief as it penetrates deeper into joints and muscles than dry heat.  Biothermored is Australia's only moist heat electric heat pad and only heat pad that is a registered medical device.  

  • Used by Physiotherapists & Aged Care Homes
  • Australian Therapeautic Goods Administration Medical Device 
  • NDIS approved medical item
  • Simple, safe, non-pharmaceutical pain relief 

Reviews from arthritis sufferers (Trustpilot independent reviews)

"Great for Arthritis sufferers !  I have chronic arthritis and often have a sore back. I've set the heat pad up against the back of the couch so I can just lean against it. It's amazing !! I have it on in the morning and It gets me through the day and in the evening to help me sleep without aches at night. I love it ! Well worth the money !" (Natalie B)

"It helped ease pain in my leg muscles. I was diagnosed to have Osteoarthritis on my right knee, and massage on my hard leg muscle made it sore. The heat pad on it helped me to be able to walk. The delivery of the pad was super fast. I can recommend heat pad as a great product, for good a price." (Raija G)

"I have arthritis in my back and neck and find them very beneficial for this problem. I love the ample size of them and being able to have sustained heat which I can control."  (Pat F)

"Great for my elderly mother's osteoarthritis. She uses it on her hip, knee and shoulder. Very happy with it. I use it myself as well and it helps muscle stiffness !" (Jane S.T)

"Very comforting and relaxing warmth for my arthritic neck and no need to keep warming up wheat bags every 10 minutes. Only downside is I must sit up to use it and cannot move around but it does make me stop and relax, so that is not necessarily a bad thing." (Julie L)