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Biothermored Moist Heat Pad

Biothermored Heating Pad Reviews


We are proud of the reviews we receive about Biothermored Heating Pads from our wonderful customers and sincerely appreciate people taking time to let us know how the Biothermored is helping them.

Based on 179 reviews
Very effective

My neck gets like concrete from long hours at a computer and I've always had niggles with my shoulders. I did a lot of research before choosing this heating pad and I've been using it for 30 to 60 mins at night and it has been fantastic. Really helps to loosen things up and I sleep better with my neck looser and pain free. It really is a different, more penetrating kind of warmth and the temperature/timer control makes it a whole other ballpark than wheat packs or hot water bottles. Definitely worth the price. I'm really happy with my purchase. The mustard yellow cover is kind of ugly to my taste but it's not a fashion item so not a big deal.

Hi Alice, Thank you so much for your review - we are delighted to hear the Biothermored is helping with your neck pain (although sorry about that cover colour ;) ) . With best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Excellent for pain

I use these heat pads daily and will never be without one.

Hi Wendy, thanks so much for your feedback, it is really appreciated, Best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Shoulder heat pad the best

Love this heat pad. It fits so well, I can control the time and heat intensity and the soothing result is just what I needed.

Thank you so much Kevin, we are delighted to hear you are enjoying using the Biothermored. Best regards Doyles Physiotherapy


Have used it for 2 days on knee arthritis and neck stiffness, noticed neck better straight away and knee also seems improved

Jonathan sincere thanks for reviewing the Biothermored. Best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Wonderful relief

Great product - the heat provides wonderful relief to my painful neck and anticipate it will be greatly used and appreciated in coming years.

Hi Elizabeth we are so pleased to hear you are enjoying the Biothermored, many thanks for your lovely feedback. Kind regards Heidi Doyles Physiotherapy

Biothermored Moist Heating Pad : Back & General Pain Relief, UC860

What a great product! I'm using it for fomentations and it's perfect for this. Heats quickly, simple to use, so effective.

Hi Kevin sincere thanks for taking time to review the Biothermored, we are so pleased you are finding it beneficial. With best regards Heidi Doyle's Physio :)

Excellent service from Doyle's…

Excellent service from Doyle's Physiotherapy. Super quick delivery. The heat pad is perfect for my elderly mother. Saves having to heat up a wheat bag that doesn't really hold the heat for that long.

Thank you so much for your review - we are so delighted Biothermored is helping your Mum : ) With best regards Doyle's Physio.

Great service

Great service

Thank you :)

Heat pads

Excellent service Excellent products

Many thanks for your ongoing support of the Biothermored, it is much appreciated. Kind regards Doyles Physiotherapy

Easy to use and effective

Easy to use and effective. Very happy with the heat pad. Would recommend to others.

Hi Linda Many thanks for your positive feedback on the Biothermored - we are so pleased you are happy with it :) With best regards Doyle's Physio


Purchased the neck & shoulder heat pad for my mum. She loves it


great unit, very controllable
Fabulous after sale service

I love my Biothermored Moist Heat Pad

I love my Biothermored Moist Heat Pad.Ê I have osteoarthritis in my knee and chronic lower back pain and find such good relief from the heat pad.Ê I use it daily and tell everyone how great it is.

Hi Hayley Many thanks for taking time to leave a review and for letting others know about the Biothermored. So happy to hear the Biothermored is helping with your pain. With best regards Heidi Doyles Physio

I found excellent "natural" pain relief

I found excellent "natural" pain relief for my symptoms associated with osteoporosis, cervical spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia using the Biothermored Moist Heat Pad. Plus its extremely relaxing to use at night before bed for a good nights sleep. Very happy.

Hi Jos thank you so much for leaving your review. It is so wonderful to hear the Biothermored is helping relieve your pain. With best regards Heidi Doyle's Physiotherapy

Best Heat Pad I have ever used

I have used the heat pad everyday for the last two years, it was for chronic back pain. I had surgery last year and now I use it every day for my recovery. Nothing else like it and I definitely notice a difference if I don't use it.

Renee many thanks for leaving a review, we are always so delighted to hear Biothermored is helping people manage their pain. We hope you are recovering well from surgery. Best regards Heidi Doyles Physio

These heat packs are fantastic

These heat packs are fantastic. I love that they produce deep, penetrating, moist heat. There are not many heat packs on the market like it! They are so good for pain. They are very easy and comfortable to use and I would definitely recommend them. Very fast shipping as well. Thank you

Thank you so much for your positive feedback. BiothermoredÕs moist heat is one of the things that differentiates it.Ê Best regards Heidi Doyles Physio

Moist Heat Pad for ortho surgery recovery

About six months ago I had a major orthopaedic surgery to fix hip dysplasia, and suffer a lot of ongoing achiness as it is a very long recovery. I borrowed my friend's Moist Heat Pad for months before finding it online myself and am so happy to have one of my own now. This Moist Heat Pad really comforts me at night when I'm heading to bed - most nights I can get by without pain relievers. This mat provides relief for my aches and soothes my nerve pain down my leg as well. I recommend it for other people trying to deal with long-term pain and looking for somethingÊ comforting to add to rehab / recovery. Can also say it is great for period pain!

Dear Suzanne, Thank you for your wonderful review.Ê We are delighted to hear the Biothermored is helping manage your pain and sincerely appreciate you recommending our product.Ê With best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Tried and true product

Tried and true product .Ê This is my 3rd heat pad so IÕm more than happy with this product .

Hi Carol Many thanks for your wonderful on-going support, we are so happy you are happy with the Biothermored :)Ê Best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Excellent product & service

Excellent product & service. Many thanks.

Hi Lindon, Thank-you so much for your positive feedback - we sincerely appreciate it, Best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Prompt delivery, quality product

Fantastic product, ordered for a friend as had such a great experience following my physio treatment - such a great thing to have on hand when youÕre an athlete a with a full on training schedule

Anna, We are delighted you found the Biothermored useful in patient treatment - yes, the Biothermored would be a great recovery tool for a sports person after training.Ê Many thanks for your review. Best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

This is a super product

This is a super product. I feel its benefit. Thank you!!

Christine Thank you, so great you are feeling benefit from the Biothermored :) Kind regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Excellent Service for a Great Product

I was very pleased with the service that I received when I purchased online the Biothermored Heating Pad. Service was excellent, delivery was very quick and the product was all it was advertised to be. I am getting great relief on my arthritic knee.

Thank you so much for your positive review - we are so pleased the Biothermored is helping with your arthritic pain management.Ê With best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Great heat pad

Great heat pad, the only one on the market that has a good variable temperature range. It is really helping my clients shoulder pain, with improved movement and less need for pharmaceuticals.

Nicole Thanks for your fabulous feedback - we are so pleased the Biothermored is helpful in your patient treatment.Ê Sincere thanks, Doyle's Physiotherapy

Hi, still waiting for some usage guidelines for Oncology clients

Hi, great product and arrived quickly.Ê So really pleased with that.Ê However I did ask for some guidance on use for Oncology clients and have not heard back despite being told I would be contacted.Ê Email is fine. Regards, Lynne

Hi Lynne thank you so much for your review - it is much appreciated. Apologies for our error overlooking to contact you, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to talk with Martin Doyle (Physiotherapist) at anytime. T: 02 9692 9399Ê Kind regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

A wonderful product.

A wonderful product.

Hi Christine - many thanks :) Best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy