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Biothermored Moist Heat Pad

Biothermored Heating Pad Reviews


We are proud of the reviews we receive about Biothermored Heating Pads from our wonderful customers and sincerely appreciate people taking time to let us know how the Biothermored is helping them.

Based on 200 reviews
Excellent Very efficient.

As I said the heat pad is very efficient and direct. The heat relieves the pain in my legs. Without it the pain would be intolerable.

HI Cherie
Thank you so much for leaving us a review, we sincerely appreciate it. We are so pleased the Biothermored is helping you manage your leg pain. With best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Amazing Product

Best thing I’ve found for my chronic back pain. Releases tight muscles very fast

Hi Nathan that's fantastic to hear that the Biothermored is helping with your chronic back pain :) Many thanks for taking time to leave a review. With best wishes Doyle's Physiotherapy

So far, so great 👍🏼

After two weeks of use, I can definitely feel improvement to tension and tightness in my neck and shoulders.

This is a high quality product. The power cord and integrated control unit will last for years (power cord is thick and reinforced at the points where it joins the control unit, and the control unit itself is a good size, strong, well made - not at all flimsy - and logically laid out with large buttons that are easy to click). Temperature and time settings are easy to set up.

It heats up in just a few minutes and, when it reaches the user set temperature, it reliably maintains that temperature throughout your chosen treatment time (a feature that is unattainable with hot water bottles or microwaved heat bags which begin losing temperature as soon as they are applied to the neck or shoulder).

The pad is suppled in an attractive and strong cardboard box that protects it well during shipping. And Heidi added extra protection by neatly wrapping it with bubble wrap! And the manual is a delight - made of quality paper, with the text in large font, easy to read, and sitting in a wealth of white space. The instructions are straightforward and easy to comprehend, and the diagrams are large, sharp and well labelled.

The package arrived promptly and in excellent condition. Customer service couldn’t be better.

Whilst I initially balked at the price (I’m on a low income), I have no regrets in making this purchase and I look forward to using it on a regular basis. Highly recommended

Early days but, so far, 👍

Been using the neck and shoulder pad for about 2 weeks now. Reaches desired temperature within a few minutes and then maintains it throughout the treatment session.

Quality of materials is first class. The electrical cord and the control unit, in particular, are not likely to deteriorate or degrade for many, many years to come, even with daily usage.

Changing temperature and treatment time is straightforward, and the product arrives in a beautiful box that protects it extremely well during shipping (especially when it is wrapped in bubble wrap!) And the manual is not tiny - it is made of quality paper, with text in large font with plenty of white space around it). This is great attention to the little things that matter, and I truly appreciate it.

Using the pad is definitely making a difference to the pain and tension I feel in my neck and shoulders (by which I mean - just to be clear - it makes me feel better!) And it is much more convenient than using microwaved heat bags or hot water bottles, not to mention that the heat doesn’t dissipate during treatment. And the product is much more effective than either of those.

Hi Patrick thank you so very much for leaving this wonderful review, we sincerely appreciate it :) So happy you are happy ! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Kind regards Heidi

Fantastic for pain relief

I have used many types of heat devices for my chronic back pain and these are by far the best I have used. You have control of temperature and time which is a huge helping relieving the pain in bigger areas of your body.

Heating pad

I love this heating pad. This is the third one I have purchased. The small one is handy to pack and take away. It gives relief for back, shoulders and feet. 5 star. Delivery is easy and prompt.

Hi Beverley thank you for your support of the Biothermored, it is very much aprpeciated. With best wishes, Heidi

Large heat pad

This is my second one as mine gets a lot of use. I don’t know what I did without it. The relief I get is fantastic. I highly recommend this product.

AJ thank you so much for your wonderful review - we are so happy to hear you find the Biothermored helpful. Kind regards Heidi Doyles Physiotherapy

High Quality/Durable

Expensive but it is Medical Grade and very durable. I use it nearly every day and it has lasted for about 15 months so far. (I only purchased another one for when my current one finally gives out.) It has a higher heat range than just about any other one you can find retail. The only flaw is the control panel; difficult to read in very low light and you can easily bump it and turn it off.

Many thanks for your review Anthony, we really appreciate :) Kind regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

My Masseuse is Hot

The nature of heat transfer to deep muscle happens!!! Painless and is sleep inducing. Lateral position is best for me and addresses my back pain/discomfort and my shoulders. Great after golf the next morning particularly for me.

Hi Pam many thanks for taking time to leave a review - it is much aprpeciated and we are so pleased the Biothermored is helping :) Best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

This heat pad is a life saver. Gone are the days where I would need to heat and re-heat a heat pack constantly. The heat is hot enough it actually helps my fibromyalgia, sciatic and general pain. Cannot recommend this product enough!

Sincere thanks Alexandra for your positive feedback about the Biothermored, we are SO delighted you are finding it helpful in managing your pain. With best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy


Has most certainly helped my arthritis. I love it & now couldn’t live without it.

Many thanks Joanne for leaving a review - we are delighted you are finding the Biothermored helpful :)
Best reagrds Heidi Doyle's Physio

An excellent product and we have 3 different sizes to ease back problem pain

Hi Glen thank you so much for your feedback and support it is sincerely appreciated :) Kind regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Cannot be without it

It has taken me a while to leave this review, l really wanted to put it through its paces. I have terrible lower and now middle back pain, also these days (thanks a lot age) some knee pain on my right side. I have started using this pad almost every day. It’s like my comfort blanket, when l sit down to rest after dinner, l MUST plug the pad in and use it firstly for my back, then later in the evening it goes on my knee. This thing is absolutely amazing, seriously, l don’t often write reviews, but for those that read this and have pain you must give it a try. I not only get instant relief, also long term relief. I actually think I’m addicted to it. I understand the initial outlay is a bit, but believe me it’s worth every cent. I am considering purchasing the neck and shoulder pad for my hubby that suffers from his own set of pains (he also wants to thank age).

Sincere thanks for your wonderful review - we are so delighted to hear you are getting such great benefit from your Biothermored Heat Pad. With best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Great purchase

I bought this heat pad for a troublesome wrist and thumb . I’ve been using twice a day for half an hour each . The improvement is fantastic . I am going to use on my arthritic knees as well . Martin is a wonderful guy who is very helpful . I highly recommend this product . John C .

Hi John Many thanks for letting us know - its great to hear that the Biothermored is helping :) With very best wishes Doyle's Physiotherapy


Great product

Many thanks for your review :) With best wishes Doyle's Physio.

Perfect for Neck

Have previously purchased and never been disappointed. Heat is great for my neck injury.

Hi Kate many thanks for your support of the Biothermored - we are delighted you find it helpful to manage your neck pain. Kind regards Doyle's Physiotherapy


This product is so helpful with a shoulder problem. I would absolutely recommend to anyone. I am using it daily. It was expensive. But worth every cent.

Su how wonderful to hear your positive feedback on the Biothermored, it is sincerely appreciated. With kind regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Small Biothermored Heat Pad : Neck, Hand, Feet Pain Relief, UC660

Hi Belinda thank you so much for giving Biothermored 5 Stars :) Ver ybest wishes Doyle's Physiotherapy

Very effective

My neck gets like concrete from long hours at a computer and I've always had niggles with my shoulders. I did a lot of research before choosing this heating pad and I've been using it for 30 to 60 mins at night and it has been fantastic. Really helps to loosen things up and I sleep better with my neck looser and pain free. It really is a different, more penetrating kind of warmth and the temperature/timer control makes it a whole other ballpark than wheat packs or hot water bottles. Definitely worth the price. I'm really happy with my purchase. The mustard yellow cover is kind of ugly to my taste but it's not a fashion item so not a big deal.

Hi Alice, Thank you so much for your review - we are delighted to hear the Biothermored is helping with your neck pain (although sorry about that cover colour ;) ) . With best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Excellent for pain

I use these heat pads daily and will never be without one.

Hi Wendy, thanks so much for your feedback, it is really appreciated, Best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Shoulder heat pad the best

Love this heat pad. It fits so well, I can control the time and heat intensity and the soothing result is just what I needed.

Thank you so much Kevin, we are delighted to hear you are enjoying using the Biothermored. Best regards Doyles Physiotherapy


Have used it for 2 days on knee arthritis and neck stiffness, noticed neck better straight away and knee also seems improved

Jonathan sincere thanks for reviewing the Biothermored. Best regards Doyle's Physiotherapy

Wonderful relief

Great product - the heat provides wonderful relief to my painful neck and anticipate it will be greatly used and appreciated in coming years.

Hi Elizabeth we are so pleased to hear you are enjoying the Biothermored, many thanks for your lovely feedback. Kind regards Heidi Doyles Physiotherapy

Biothermored Moist Heating Pad : Back & General Pain Relief, UC860

What a great product! I'm using it for fomentations and it's perfect for this. Heats quickly, simple to use, so effective.

Hi Kevin sincere thanks for taking time to review the Biothermored, we are so pleased you are finding it beneficial. With best regards Heidi Doyle's Physio :)

Excellent service from Doyle's…

Excellent service from Doyle's Physiotherapy. Super quick delivery. The heat pad is perfect for my elderly mother. Saves having to heat up a wheat bag that doesn't really hold the heat for that long.

Thank you so much for your review - we are so delighted Biothermored is helping your Mum : ) With best regards Doyle's Physio.