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Biothermored Moist Heat Pad

Back Physiotherapy

Doyle’s will find the cause of your pain, provide effective, safe treatment to relieve your pain & give you the tools to prevent reoccurrences.

We see patients young and old suffering back pain, whether acute or long standing back pain.  If you back hurts don’t ignore the problem, physiotherapy will help.

Postural stress, disc problems, sciatica or muscle/ ligament strains can all lead to debilitating back pain, here are some tips to avoid back pain.

  • Avoid sitting and driving for long periods
  • Keep active and maintain a healthy weight
  • Be careful lifting heavy and large items
  • Watch your posture

Doyle’s commitment to you

  • We will provide immediate treatment, to relieve your pain & discomfort
  • We will diagnose the exact cause of your condition
  • We will advise you on future injury prevention techniques & exercises
  • Your appointment will be a 100% "hands on", one on one, personal treatment

No referral is needed to consult a physiotherapist.

Make a booking today by filling out our booking form or calling 02 9692 9399