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Biothermored Moist Heat Pad
How Moist Heat Therapy Helps Treat Pain

How Moist Heat Therapy Helps Treat Pain


moist heat therapy pain relief

Heat and ice are commonly used for pain relief, but did you know not all heat is the same ! 

There are two types of heat - moist heat and dry heat.  Both types of heat penetrate the skin to relieve pain, but it’s important to know their benefits in pain relief.


What is Moist Heat?  

Moist heat therapy is a wet heat source used to soothe and relax sore muscles, joints and ligaments. This could include a moist electric heating pad, steam towels or a hot bath.


The Benefits of Moist Heat  

In comparison to dry heat, moist heat penetrates skin faster and deeper, getting right to the muscle and joints - the root of your pain.  Studies show greater pain reduction with moist heat, in less time than dry heat. There’s also reduced chance of skin irritation since moisture helps increase tissue elasticity.

Biothermored Moist Heat Pad


Biothermored Moist Heat Pad is the only medical grade moist heat pad currently available in Australia and is a registered medical device.

Used and  recommended by Physiotherapists for pain management, talk to your physiotherapist or contact Doyle’s Physiotherapy to learn how Biothermored could help you. 

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